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We are Marco and Cinzia and we live in Sicily with our eight year old girl, Sofia.


We joined TOM’s big family in 2003 and, two years later, with some other TOM members, Tchad and Andrea Western from Sheffield, we moved back to Sicily where we lived in community sharing resources, experiences and faith. We saw God providing in miraculous ways and the powerful impact of sharing our lives together had on many people who were part of a little church in Catania.

Our vision was and is, to call back our Generation to God and make disciples of them. We wanted to buy a place where we could live in community and start a Mission training centre where we could equip and send whoever feels the same passion we have to reach the lost. A place to share with other Christians the same DNA, principles and rules of life we have learnt through TOM.


We started Jesus Generation, a group of people who share life together, living the principles of the gospel. A group that models God’s love, that welcomes everyone who wants to spend time with us and taste the amazing love that unifies us.

Some years later we decided to go out on the streets of our city to reach the people who will never come to our meetings – the poor and the least, the ones that are in need. Knowing that this was the fasting in which our Lord delights, we started Agape Mission which now involves many different churches. It has seen large growth and huge cultural and spiritual breakthroughs. Agape mission reaches out to the homeless, to the prostitutes and to the refugee camp where poor people (mainly from Romania) live.

2012 was an amazing year, Jesus Generation finally became a charity and we bought the right land after many years of searching. We believe this land has a huge potential, not only will it be a place to live in community but also where we can realise a training centre, summer camps, and a retreat place enjoying the presence of God which already fills the place.


It will be a massive work, but we firmly believe that He will do infinitely more that we could even imagine. So that as it is written: “That they may see and know, and consider and understand together, that the hand of the Lord has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it.” Isaiah 41:20

Please keep us in your prayers…